Death certificates

    The procedure for drawing up a death certificate is as follows:
    • 1st hospital case or FOJA
    • Certificate of death
    • 2nd Case of death in prison
    • Death certificate issued by the prison governor
    • 3rd Case of death by catastrophe
    • Mother certificate
    • 4th Case of death at home
    • Photocopy of a document identifying the deceased (ID card, passport)
    • Photocopy of the declarant's identity card.
    • Photocopy CNI 02 witnesses.
    • Drawing up a death certificate after the deadline
    • Supplementary judgment

    A death certificate is an official document issued by the Town Hall and signed by a civil registrar. It is a document that proves and attests to the death of a person.

    The death of a loved one is a painful experience. Despite this loss, it is essential to register the death with the town hall in order to obtain a death certificate. This document is needed to carry out a number of formalities during and after the funeral.

    The death certificate is the first document to be obtained following a death by anyone close to the deceased. Before going to the town hall to register the death, the deceased must have the death certified by a doctor.

    To draw up a death certificate, you must :
    • bring the national identity cards of the deceased and two witnesses,
    • a request to the Mayor;
    • A death certificate signed by a doctor in the town of Limbé "within its territorial jurisdiction".

    These documents must be drawn up within 90 days of the death, provided that the person died in Limbé.
    • Transcription of death certificates for Cameroonians who died abroad;
    The procedure for drawing up a death certificate is as follows:
    • provide the national identity cards of both applicants;
    • Copies of deeds and extracts from registers;
    • Certificates of existence ;
    • Certificates of non-existence of the strain ;
    • Certificates of celibacy (national identity cards of the two witnesses and the applicant's national identity card);
    • Welcome certificate ;
    • Periodic documents for follow-up with the CNPS, embassies and MINREX.

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