The urban planning certificate


Town planning certificate is an information document on town planning rules and administrative services to which is subjected a plot of land (see annexe 1). It indicate if, taking into consideration land regulation, the aforementioned plot of land can be allocated for construction or used for the realisation of a determined operation. It is compulsory for all property transaction but not for public services contract holders.

It is an administrative deed with essentially informative value that indicates the legal situation of a plot of land with respect to town planning rules applicable to it.

Key points : 

Town planning certificate is an information document that indicates the legal situation of a plot of land and the rules to be respected. It is important and compulsory in most real estate transactions. It does not constitute a property deed on the parcel of land.

Collection and filing of application

The form is collected from the services of the town council. The list of required documents is indicated in the notice attached with the form. 

The complete document should be addressed to the Mayor and filed at the mail service of the council.

Study of the file

The Mayor undertakes the study of the application. He can eventually request the opinion of the local technical service of the Ministry in charge of town planning or a registered town planner. This opinion is needed within a maximum deadline of 72 hours.


Deadline to obtain the certificate :
The town planning certificate is delivered by the Mayor with a deadline of fifteen (15) days from the date the document was filed. 

Validity of deadline :
The duration of the validity of the certificate is six (6) months and one (1) year maximum.
The town planning certificate can be extended only once for a duration of six months on application presented at least one (1) month before the expiry of the validity deadline, if town planning prescriptions and administrative services of all orders applicable to the parcel have not evolved.

Composition of the document

Le dossier est composé des pièces suivantes :
  • A stamped administrative application form with the rate in forces; 
  • The plan of the plot of land (sketch); 
  • A mass plan at 1/500 ; 
  • Photos of the plot of land and it direct environment.
A field visit will be carried out with the competent services of the council in order to collect data’s. 

Content of town planning certificate

The town planning certificate delivered by the council should indicate or specify: 
  • town planning measures applicable on the land; 
  • administrative limitations to the right of the proprietor being allocated the land; 
  • the servicing of the land by existing or projected public equipments.
In addition it should respond to questions asked by the applicant in the application form. Depending on the case, it should indicate: 
  • the suitability of the land for construction; 
  • the possibility to realise a determined operation; 
  • the net residual hors úuvre surface in case of partitioning a built land and when a land occupation coefficient is applicable to the land.

When the town planning certificate declares that the land can be used for the realisation of a determined operation, it should indicate: 
  • town planning measures to be respected to what concerns the implantation of buildings, their external aspect, their dimensions and the management of their surroundings; 
  • legal, technical and financial conditions necessary for the realisation of the operation; 
  • administrative formalities to be accomplished before it realisation.

Diagram of town planning certificate instruction procedure


Town planning certificate application form

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