The Certificate of conformity


Certificate of conformity is a document issued by the Mayor testifying the conformity of works with the prescriptions of construction permit (see annexe 6). 

Composition of document

  • The declaration of completion of works (see annexe 2), established in two copies; 
  • Take off plan3.
This document is deposited in the Town Council against a receipt.

Document study by the Mayor 

The Mayor assures works through the take off plan, for what notably concerns the implantation of constructions, their destination, their nature, their external aspect, their dimension and management of their surroundings, the aforementioned works were realised in conformity to construction permit.

For buildings receiving the public or of higher height, the Mayor will request the respective opinion of the National Fire Brigade Corps and civil engineers.


The certificate is issued at the request of the beneficiary of the construction. This request should be made within a deadline of 30 days starting from the date of completion of works.

If works were realised under regular conditions, the Mayor delivers the certificate of conformity within a deadline of forty five (45) days from the date the declaration of work completion was deposited.

On the contrary, the declarant is advised within the same deadline by the Mayor of the motives for which the certificate of conformity can not be issued and he is informed of possible legal penalties or modifications to be carried out.

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