Preliminary Book - Law 2019/024 of 24 Dec 2019 on the General Code of Decentralised Local Authorities

    ARTICLE 1 (1) This law establishes the General Code of Decentralised Local Authorities, hereinafter referred to as "Local Authorities".

    (2) It defines :
    • the general legal framework for territorial decentralisation ;
    • the status of local elected representatives ;
    • the rules governing the organisation and operation of local authorities;
    • specific arrangements applicable to certain local authorities;
    • the financial system of local authorities.

    ARTICLE 2 - (1) The Territorial Communities of the Republic are the Regions and the Communes.

    (2) They shall carry out their activities with due respect for national unity, territorial integrity and the primacy of the State.

    (3) The Territorial Communities shall be of equal dignity. No Territorial Authority may establish or exercise guardianship over another.

    (4) Any other type of Territorial Community shall be created by law.

    ARTICLE 3 - (1) The North West and South West Regions shall enjoy a special status based on their linguistic specificity and historical heritage.

    (2) The special status referred to in paragraph 1 above shall be reflected, in terms of decentralisation, by specificities in the organisation and functioning of these two Regions.

    (3) The special status is also reflected in the respect for the particularities of the English-speaking education system, and the taking into account of the specificities of the Anglo-Saxon judicial system based on Common Law.

    (4) Specific texts shall specify the content of the specificities and particularities referred to in paragraph (3) above.

    ARTICLE 4 - Special fiscal and economic incentives may, where necessary, be granted to certain Regions, depending on their context, by specific texts.

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